Neds: Our review of the Australian Bookmaker

Ned is one of the newest and best betting websites that you can engage in online. It is managed by Australian administrators but has offices in London. Read our Neds bookmaker review for full details.

Neds Review: Sports and Markets Available

neds interface

This website is that it has a lot of available choices when it comes to sports and games to bet on. Below is a list of some games and tournaments you can expect once you visit Neds.

  • American Football
  • E-Sports
  • Baseball, Basketball, and Boxing
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing

Aside from those mentioned above, you can also expect to bet on various local sports games such as cricket, cycling, and darts. All leagues are covered by this particular sportsbook so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything on the court.

Odds and Limits

Apart from the wide coverage that it offers, this website will also allow players to get rid of fixed betting through the Bet Boost. Through this perk, you will be able to ramp up your stakes and greatly improve your odds making the experience even more competitive compared to other websites.

This feature sets the website apart from others because not all websites offer easy access to the stats through the sidebar. You would need to create an account via the websites to make sure that you could view what they have to offer. You can also use a credit card to bet and withdraw online. This just goes to show how convenient it is to work with the website when it comes to your racing, sports and entertainment needs.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

For newcomers to the website, it is common to have a lot of queries about how it works. Here are some examples of the common questions and answers that most new customers ask about the website.

Is It Legal?

Yes. All betting activities are governed by the responsible gambling policies found in the website itself. The website also adheres to the Australian gambling codes. It also follows the tenets of the Northern Territories Online Gambling Code.

This protects the visitors of the website from abusing the advantages that they will get once they register and log on to their account. In addition to this, the website also restricts access to minors through the employment of security measures regarding access to credit card information and other sensitive pieces of customer information.

How Reliable Is The Website Interface?

The website interface is quite reliable. The response time is fast enough and their instructions, as well as the buttons and tabs, are easy to understand. It is definitely something that both amateur and pro bettors will enjoy to pass the time.

How Can I Deposit and Withdraw My Money?

If you would like to deposit your money, all you have to do is to click on the profile icon on your mobile device or click on the menu and click on my account. From here, you can click on the deposit and choose the payment option that you want to use.

Type in the payment details if you’re using a card and click on the specific amount that you would like to deposit. After this, you will see a number directly on the top right corner of your screen and begin your bets.

To withdraw, click on the profile hide behind on your mobile device to be redirected to the account page. Then click on withdraw. From here, you will get your options for withdrawal. You can either choose to withdraw to a bank or to your Ned’s card.

After this, just type in your bank details the amount you want to cash out. Then, click “withdraw”. The minimum deposit and withdrawal limit is $5.00 for Australian patrons.

Is The Website Available Internationally?

Neds bookmaker services are available in Australia and New Zealand only for the moment. If you are looking for somewhere to bet in other countries, you may consider fellow GVC brands like Ladbrokes, Coral or bwin.

How Easy Is It To Navigate The Website Interface?

It is pretty easy to navigate. Once you visit the website, you will be able to get a gist of what they have to offer in terms of the frequently asked questions and the account login page. You will also give you information on promotions and how to use the website to bet on your favorite race horse.

With the black and orange color scheme, account holders will be able to see the game statistics online clearly. The navigation buttons are also present at the sidebar which makes it easily accessible to the members. You will also be able to access your account via the web interface and mobile application.

What Kind of Website Restrictions Can We Expect from Ned’s?

Due to certain gambling policy restrictions, there are a few restrictions currently imposed on Australian players regarding bonuses. For more details on this and other possible restrictions, please visit the website as soon as possible.

Ned’s Review: Additional Features

This website is known for its many additional features that can provide further entertainment for the patrons and the newcomers. These are as follows:

  • Live Streaming – Through the website, you will be able to watch the race you have bet on in real-time. This feature also applies to any other sports competition that you might want to watch through the website.
  • Multi Builder – On the other hand, if you like to bet on more than one game at once, the multi builder is one feature fact you ought to consider using. This website feature will be able to organize your bets and games in order that would be easy to understand. After using this, you would be able to enjoy the games even more.

User Experience

As mentioned earlier, the website interface is extremely easy to navigate. The buttons are responsive and clear enough to be understood and utilized. The live stream feature also offers a clear resolution with no buffering. This benefit makes watching the game even more enjoyable whether you do it alone or with a group of friends.

Mobile App

You can easily download the mobile application for Neds via the major online retailers. Do not worry because you can download it for free. It is available for Android and iOS devices. After downloading, you will also be able to access the website through the mobile app.

From here, you will be able to access your accounts and make deposits and withdrawals according to your winnings. You will be able to also access information regarding your Neds Card. All this you can do while on the road.

Best Features

Here are some of the features that the website has to offer.

  • Mobile and Web Compatibility
  • Simply Designed Web Interface
  • Live Streaming Capabilities
  • Responsive 24-Hour Helpdesk
  • Easy-To-Follow Betting Instructions

Pros and Cons

Below are some of the benefits and disadvantages you will get once you register for this website. Read on if you want to learn more.


  1. User-friendly Interface – the website has an easy to use and understand interface that will surely be able to get even the casual bettors hooked right away.
  2. Available HelpLine – Neds has a dedicated helpline that can serve its customers immediately. It also has many available articles that can aid the website users in enjoying any game that they engage in. They also have a live-chat and FAQ page that will provide more information about the website and what it can offer the gamers without delay.
  3. Live Stream – Bettors will be able to watch the games online through this feature.
  4. Easy Deposits and Withdrawals – The patrons will be able to easily withdrawal and deposit their winnings via the Neds Card or through their own credit card.
  5. Free Membership – Lastly, website registration for an account is free.


  • There are some international restrictions for gambling that has affected and is still affecting the website.
  • If you are from the Philippines, you will not be able to enjoy the perks that come with registration.
  • Sign up bonuses are not allowed because of Australian legal restrictions.

With these pros and cons, you will certainly be able to decide whether or not Neds is for you. Just be responsible with your betting and everything else will be all right for sure.

Neds Review: Opinion

These are just some of the major pieces of information that you need to know about Neds. You should not hesitate to do this because it will give you the best seats in the house for your favorite betting games. Whether you want to bet on e-sports, races or any other competitive games online, you should not hesitate to visit the website right away. The online staff will be able to help you out if you have any questions regarding how the website works and how you can make it work for your gaming needs on the web.