Neds Top Features for Oz players

Neds is an Australian online platform used for gambling events in sports and racing. Have exclusive access to the newest Neds Code, valid throughout .

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Neds best features


There are three different forms of racing. These are horse racing, greyhound racing and, harness racing.  This feature also provides information on the various locations where the subsequent races will take place. This feature offers the flexibility of dates and race type. Below are the pros and cons of this feature:


  • Timely updates:  it’s easier to follow up on matches, as it gives real-time information. For, example, you can see the next racer from the racing window.
  • It is user friendly – the racing feature is very easy to use even for new users.
  • One can use the Alexa device to get information from Neds, using their voice.
  • It provides all the information about a race. This includes race comments, which give a brief description of what is happening in the racing field.
  • Runner details- this section provides the necessary comments that are provided by the runner.


  • Some ambiguous terms are used, which may prove difficult for new users.
  • Racing offers a very good experience in placing a multi-bet. A gambler can place bets simultaneously.


This Neds feature offers a great variety of games to choose from. It offers controlled access to the different games available on the site. Some of these different sections show: the next sport, featured sport, upcoming sport among others.


  • The next sports section indicates the time before the succeeding game begins.
  • The upcoming sports section allows one to place multiple bets.
  • The market section highlights the games that are in high demand.


  • The sports feature has too much clutter, making it less appealing to the eye.
  • The sports feature gives you an experience that makes it easy for one to click and follow up on a game of their choice.

Live stream feature

This is the best feature. This is because it allows one to watch some games or races develop in real-time.


  • Watch live streams of certain events like horse racing
  • It helps keep track of a pending bet.


  • You cannot place a bet on a live event

Neds Card

Neds card feature allows cardholders to have access to their money after a successful bet. The ned card is MasterCard enabled and allows its users to pay for their purchases, only in places where MasterCard is authorized.


  • It saves on time as money withdrawal is fast enough
  • It has an additional feature that enables it to be used as a debit card.
  • A Neds card can only be used for legal purchases.


  • Only winnings can be deposited to a Neds card.
  • The experience in using a Neds card is that it can be used anywhere around the globe.

Blog Feature

The Blog feature gives more detailed information, on the various sports and racing activities. It also gives insights on what to look out for.  It contains updated information, therefore acting as a reliable source of information.


  • It gives detailed information on the various featured sports and races.
  • One can place bets from the blog section depending on the highlighted game.
  • It acknowledges other sporting events like college games and other major leagues.


  • Not all information is updated. It may contain old information that is not relevant.

A remarkable experience in using the blog feature is that it gives important information that gives guidance on relevant sporting events.

Neds Mobile App

neds mobile

The Neds mobile app is very user friendly.  It can be installed on an android device and IOS device. All the features of the app are easily accessible from the phone. The Neds app is easy to download from the websites using the quick links provided.

The mobile app is useful especially for individuals who are always on the move. With a strong internet connection, the app is very easy to navigate through and access.  Login is a primary requirement before accessing the various sections. Some of these sections are like the betslip, promotions and “how-to”.

For a newbie, the site is easy to work with. It functions just like normal mobile apps. The icons and wording used in the app are very easy to follow along. For example, the Neds card feature, which gives you the various steps to follow in requesting and activating the card.

The rules and terms of use with the Neds app are easily downloadable since they are in the pdf format.  The general architecture of the Neds mobile app is very simple to use and follow. Navigating through the various pages and features prove to be an easy task for the user as they can move directly to their desired page.


Q. Is the Neds app legit?

A. YES, Neds app is a legit gambling site, that is licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government. For South Australian residents, the gambling procedures are governed by the South Australian codes of practice. Gambling, however, is only restricted to persons above the age of 18 years.

Q. Is the app accessible on a mobile phone or is it web-based only?

A. Yes, one can access the site from a mobile phone. You can also download the app directly to your phone. It is accessible for both Android and IOS users. For Android users, it requires Android 5.0 and above to install. The app version has similar features as those of the website.

Q. Is the app available on Playstore?

A. No, the app can be downloaded from the website, using the links provided. The links are for both Android and IOS. You can also search for the app on search engines using the name Neds app.

Q. Is there a live stream for the various races?

A. No, the races are not available in the live stream. However, one can watch other types of sports from this section.

Q. Is Neds, accessible for any nationality?

A. No, unfortunately, the site is restricted to Australian nationals.

Q. How can I access the Neds money after winning?

A. There are various ways to access money. These are Paypal, Visa card, Mastercard, Poli, Bpay and Flexepin. There is also, the Nedss card, which is also a form of Mastercard. The Neds card is accessible from the various shops which are Mastercard enabled. It can also be used to pay for purchases.

Q. How can one place bets on live games?

A. It is not legal for Australian residents to place online bet on a live game. As an Australian-regulated operator, Neds is no exception.

A. Can one get any form of support from the Neds support center?

A. Yes, the Neds helpline is open 24/7. The number is 13 0000 6337. In case of any questions or inquiries, you can contact them from this line. Besides, you can reach out to them through social media channels. These are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Q. How can one place a bet?

A. An example is the Upcoming Sports section, you can place a bet by clicking on the “place multi belt” feature. You can also place a bet directly by logging in to the betslip.

Neds Review

The website is very appealing and trustworthy. The home page is very catchy with the preview of the various sports and races. All features and sections are easy to the eye. The website can be easily understood even by the new users or visitors to the site.

After a successful login to the website, one can access the “how-to page”, which guides users on how to use the various tools and features of Neds.  You can access multiple sports and racing markets from the same page. The blog section is very informative. The detailed posts bring you up to speed with the current sports and races. The website is very fast. It takes one very few seconds to accomplish various clicks.

My Review

For anyone looking for a gambling site, Neds is the site to use.  This is because it offers both racing and sports betting options. There are a variety of sports to choose from. The races are of three different types.

Neds offers you a variety of payment options. I found the Neds card to be the most appealing.  This is because it gives you freedom of making purchases and also Mastercard enabled. Neds gives you a taste of one of the best betting experiences. It gives you a thrill of stimulating action in horse racing. The quick links provided at the bottom of the Neds home page, provide an overview and detailed information about the website.